12+ Fabulous & Easy Candy Recipes (2024)

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12+ Fabulous & Easy Candy Recipes

Make a gift-worthy and crave-worthy holiday candy. Spread some cheer this holiday season and whip up a batch of these shareable treats. Everyone loves a heartfelt homemade treat, and these candies are no exception. Deliciousfoodgiftsfor the holidays are appreciated by all and these Christmas candy recipes make it easy to share.

12+ Fabulous & Easy Candy Recipes (1)

I have compiled twelve easy recipes that are all very simple to make. As well, everyone loves a homemade treat and these candies are no exception. Anyone would love to receive these decadent treats!

Say you care with homemade gifts. They are great for neighbors, teachers, friends. Additionally, they make great hostess gifts when going to those fun parties!

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12+ Fabulous & Easy Candy Recipes (2)

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12+ Fabulous & Easy Candy Recipes

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Make your next sweet treat with love! Try out one of these fabulous and easy candy recipes for your friends and family. These recipes are sure to make some smiles and lasting treats that are sure to take you on a sweet trip down memory lane. With a few simple ingredients, you can make delicious confections that everyone is sure to love. So grab the candy thermometer, apron, and the cooking pot and let’s get cooking!

Best Peanut Butter Fudge

Easy fudge recipe made with just 4 ingredients. It only takes one bowl and a few minutes to make this easy recipe.

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2 Ingredient Cookie Butter Fudge

This quick and easy fudge recipe has just two ingredients.

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Buckeye Fudge

Buckeye Fudge iseasy, no-cook, no-fuss, foolproof fudge that’s dense, chewy, and full of rich peanut



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Buckeye Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle Spoons

Buckeye Chocolate Peanut


Truffle Spoons -Decadent peanut


truffles are dipped in chocolate to stir into hot chocolate or eat as dessert.

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5 Minute Dark Chocolate Fudge

2 ingredients and 5 minutes to smooth, rich, dark chocolate fudge!

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Peppermint Fudge (no chocolate)

A beautiful light pink in color, this festive peppermint fudge takes only 3 ingredients and 5 minutes to make. Unlike most traditional fudge recipes, this unique fudge doesn’t contain chocolate. Don’t let that deter you, it’s a wonderfully tasty treat, that’s perfect for gifts.

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Cream Cheese Brownie Truffles

Cream Cheese Brownie Truffles is a sweet treat for the holidays. They are a fun and easy recipe to make, and ultra-delicious with only 3 ingredients!

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KitKat Truffle Recipe

KitKat Truffle Recipe is an easy 3 ingredient, no-bake recipe that's perfect to make with children and to give as gifts for the holidays. #truffles #recipes #candy #chocolate #dessert #gift #Kitkat #candybar

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Smooth, creamy dark chocolate & almond bark are mixed then topped with pistachios & berries for added flavor. Great for gifts. Perfect for parties. #chocolate #truffles #recipes #gifts #callmepmc

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Best Dark Chocolate Truffles Recipe

Deeply indulgent, my Best Dark Chocolate Truffles Recipe makes the very best homemade gift. Gourmet flavors in a super easy recipe, you may want to keep them all for yourself!

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Peppermint Truffles Recipe

Peppermint Truffles Recipe starts with a cream cheese base full of peppermint chips.

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Tropical Dried Fruit Chocolate Bites

Tropical Dried Fruit Chocolate Bites are chewy and decadent. These treats make the perfect on-the-go snack! Craving chocolate, but don’t want to blow your diet? Tropical Dried Fruit Chocolate Bites are your answer!

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Bourbon Balls

This is an authentic Kentucky Bourbon Balls recipe. They are rich, smooth, decadent, and delicious! It’s a Southern delicacy of a sweet boozy confection of sugar, pecans, and bourbon.

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How to Make Chocolate Covered Spoons

How to Make Chocolate Covered Spoons – Chocolate covered spoons are the perfect mate for the steaming cup of joe or mug of hot cocoa!

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Creating fun, delicious, and easy candy recipes doesn’t have to be complicated. With this guide, you can start whipping up fantastic treats with minimal effort or fuss. You can be the star of your next party or gathering with a selection of unique, colorful, and delicious candy recipes. As Julia Child said, “People who love to eat are always the best people”, so try one of these fabulously easy recipes today to become the life of the party.

12+ Fabulous & Easy Candy Recipes (2024)


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