A Peek Inside Teresa Giudice & Luis Ruelas's $3.3 Million NJ House (2024)

By Lynn Gibbs

Teresa Giudice & Luis Ruelas own a beautiful house on the coast of New Jersey.

A Peek Inside Teresa Giudice & Luis Ruelas's $3.3 Million NJ House (1)

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  • The Home Was Made For Outdoor Entertaining
  • The Interior Is Big Enough For The Blended Family
  • The End Of A Real Housewives Era

The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Giudice has been through the wringer in the past couple of years due to spending 11 months in jail for fraud, divorcing her husband and the father of her children, and her ex-husband getting deported to his native Italy. As dark as the tunnel was, there was a light shining on Teresa when she met Luis Ruelas (affectionately known as Louie) at the New Jersey shore in 2020. Her blossoming relationship with Louie was shown throughout RHONJ, and the two were quickly engaged in 2021. Despite a messy divorce previously, Teresa refused to sign a prenup and married Louie in 2022. Now, the newlyweds are living large in a luxurious New Jersey home.

For the majority of Teresa's time on RHONJ, her Towaco family mansion has been shown in depth. Countless scenes were filmed in the Giudice kitchen, great room, and bedroom. Nowadays, however, Teresa is showing off a more modern, sleek look with her new mansion that she now shares with Louie and their kids. As nice as her former home was, her and Louie's Montville home is stunning.

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The Home Was Made For Outdoor Entertaining

The New York Post shared that in February of 2021, Teresa and Louie bought their first family home together; a $3.3 million, 7,000+ square-foot property. The massive home is big enough for Teresa's four daughters and Louie's two sons and has the privacy the new family needs thanks to the gate protecting the property. Laying on six acres of land, the home has a regalness to it and is known as Clarence Manor. New Jersey 105 explained that Clarence Manor was designed after the painting “Beyond Summer Gate," by Thomas Kincaid. The New Jersey mansion has a long driveway that leads up to the house, which has a six-car garage. However, Zillow notes that between the garage and the driveway, the lot can hold 20 cars.

As gorgeous as the front of the property is, the real beauty is in the backyard. As seen on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the family has spent a lot of time by the pool. For those interested in swimming the pool has a slide, hot tub, and waterfall. More than that, there's a cabana for everyone to enjoy that has both shade and sun. Between the lust greens, pool, and outdoor seating area, Teres and Louie hit the jackpot with this property. And brilliantly, the inside is just as nice.

The Interior Is Big Enough For The Blended Family

Once inside, friends and family can enjoy the spacious halls that make Clarence Manor. The home has seven bedrooms and 10 bathrooms — all designed with incredible detail. While pictures online make the home seem dated with dark tapestries and rugs, the updates Teesa and Louie have made to their multi-million dollar home that has been seen on RHONJ are gorgeous.

When the family isn't resting in their bedrooms, there's plenty of space in the home to unwind and have some fun. The lot has a finished basem*nt, gym, movie theatre, multiple dry and wet bars, a recreation room, and much more. The spiral staircase with long windows transforms the house into one from a fairytale. And with ith a high-tech security system and state-of-the-art appliances, there's not much to be added to ensure comfortable living unless it's decorative.

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The End Of A Real Housewives Era

The reason why Teresa and Louie's new home is so newsworthy (aside from the hefty price tag) is because her previous 3.7-acre home was showcased on RHONJ for over a decade. The ins and outs of her six-bedroom, six-bathroom home were shown during every fight, holiday, and major moment in the Giudice home. When Teresa and her ex-husband divorced and he moved to Italy, it was a new era for the Giudice women. However, when Teresa got serious with Louie, selling the Towaco mansion was the next move for a new future. Viewers had a peak at the multi-million dollar home the couple were looking at and knew selling the Towaco mansion would bring in major bucks.

Unfortunately for Teresa, the home where her kids were raised was on the market for a long longer than anticipated. After putting the home up for sale in 2020 for $2.4 million (via The Sun), the home didn't sell until February 2022 — and for a lot less than initially asked. Teresa eventually agreed to sell the home for $1.9 million after two years of going back and forth with buyers. After the sale, Teresa's realtor, Michelle Pais, said, "The buyers are in love with her home and can’t wait to move in — specifically, the ornate finishes with impeccable detailing, extravagant foyer with soaring ceiling, black marble flooring, and Cinderella staircase, and the privacy is what sold the buyers.” With the sale of one of the most important homes on The Real Housewives in the past, Teresa and Louie can bask in their new abode.

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A Peek Inside Teresa Giudice & Luis Ruelas's $3.3 Million NJ House (2024)


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