List of top Business Ideas with zero or minimal capital investment (2024)

There are hundreds and millions of ways and ideas to start any business for an entrepreneur. But the most important factor intervenes is capital investment for the business. It is never easy collect the required amount for the investment. Many people hesitate because of the risk and that risk is of the money they are going to invest. But there are certain ways and ideas which require Zero or minimum investment.

Businesses are very uncertain in initial stages and there's always a risk factor for money invested. There are particularly certain business ideas which helps to kickstart the business and they are also low maintenance.

List of top Business Ideas with zero or minimal capital investment (1)

Business Ideas with Zero Investment

Most of the entrepreneurs struggle with switching from one idea to another business idea and all of them end up confused and exhausted before even getting started. Below are the top possible options of business ideas with zero capital investment.

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If a person has a deep sense of information and expertise in a particular field or subject, then there is an option of becoming a freelance consultant who can take up the clients projects and consult them in the required area.

There can be indefinite fields such as Law, finance, Technical, Software, Human Resources but consultant need to make sure they have enough knowledge they don’t misguide client.


Blogging is another business which is one of the most profitable full-time career option one can indulge in. It is one of the best ways to earn money online while working from home.

All a person needs to do is find the particular interest, and educate themselves with a little bit of SEO. Some of the best niches in blogging one can consider are Health and Fitness, Fashion and Beauty, Lifestyle, Technology, Hosting, News, Education and many more.

Digital Products or Courses

Online products and services like music, courses, and templates are unique to the users/customers. They are not tangible products so there won’t be any recurring manufacturing or shipping costs to worry about. The mre trick is to figure out what makes for a good digital product.

The answer to it ranges from original instrumental beats to stock photos/wallpapers that can be licensed to other creators, to information products and templates that help people level up their skills in a particular field.

Career Counsellor

The Career Counsellors are in demand now a days due to vast career options students are confused about what to choose. Counsellors' target audience is 10th appearing students to which subject to choose or 12th pass and graduates. Many schools, colleges or education institutes invite career counsellors for conducting sessions for their students.

Sell Handcrafted Goods

Interested crafty people can create and sell DIY soap, candles, sauces, or pottery whatever sounds unique to find in an online business idea since product development and procurement are literally in the creators' hands.

Unlike many other business ideas, one will need to consider shipping and inventory management, but they can also start out simple on a per-order basis or with a small batch until they start generating consistent sales.


Dropshipping is a great way to start the business on a budget without owning a single product. The entrepreneur just needs to get pre-existing products from a supplier and let them take care of everything else, including fulfillment, packaging, and shipping.

With dropshipping, one can also run their business from anywhere because a warehouse is not required. Products are not required to be stocked in any physical location. Once someone buys an item from you, you make an order with a third-party on behalf of them, and the third-party handles everything else.

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Event Planning

Event Planning is a great business when there are good number of restaurants, cafes and malls in the city. There would be a number of events like wedding, anniversary, birthdays, corporate events, kitty party, freshers, farewell, etc that needs to be planned and organized. Event Planners tie up with local venues, caterers, decorators etc and charge their management fees.

Estate Agent

The easiest way of earning with zero investment is to become an estate agent in India. Property agent helps a person sale, purchase or rent a house. For providing this service they charge a fixed method or percentage of payment from the cost.

Some agents/broker providing houses for rent charge the exact amount of payment as the rent. The biggest advantage no investment and 100% profits.

One can also become an online agent also by signing up on sites which qualify as online worker and look up to the business virtually.

Re-Selling Products

If entrepreneurs don't want to spend anything then they cannot create or manufacture anything in their business, reselling is always a smart thing to start a good business which does not include any investment. As a reseller, he/she is a middleman, where they get the merchandise at cheaper rates and gain some income in the same.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows the owner to earn by referring customers to specific websites. They can also share links on blog, social media etc. to get people to buy the third party's products.

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Content Writing

Content is king in this digital world and you can build your kingdom while offering original content writing services. It is one of the most revered and paid skills in trend these days. If someone is gifted with the words and can skilfully pen down their thoughts on the paper, one should consider starting it as a business.

Final Note

With this approach, one can test ideas or start making money on the side without all the inventory-related commitments that might stand in the way.

The business ideas covered above can be combined in a variety of ways to start a new one0. If the idea of sourcing, storing and shipping inventory kept you from starting a business before, begin with an inventory-free, low-investment business model and grow from there.

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As an enthusiast deeply entrenched in the realm of entrepreneurship, I've had the privilege of exploring various business models and witnessing the evolution of startup culture. My hands-on experience spans across diverse sectors, from advising on startup strategies to delving into the intricacies of digital marketing and innovative business solutions. Allow me to share my expertise on the concepts presented in the article.

The article discusses business ideas with zero or minimum investment, addressing the common challenge entrepreneurs face in acquiring capital for their ventures. Let's break down the concepts mentioned:

  1. Freelance Consulting:

    • Startups can leverage their expertise in fields like law, finance, technical, software, and human resources to offer freelance consulting services.
    • Essential to ensure deep knowledge in the chosen field to provide valuable guidance to clients.
  2. Blogging:

    • Blogging is highlighted as a profitable full-time career option, emphasizing the importance of finding a niche and acquiring basic SEO skills.
    • Potential niches mentioned include health and fitness, fashion and beauty, lifestyle, technology, hosting, news, education, etc.
  3. Digital Products or Courses:

    • Online products and services, such as music, courses, and templates, are discussed as unique offerings without recurring manufacturing or shipping costs.
    • Emphasis on creating digital products that cater to specific user needs.
  4. Career Counselling:

    • The demand for career counsellors is acknowledged, particularly for students facing confusion in choosing their career paths.
    • Highlights the target audience as 10th and 12th-grade students, as well as graduates.
  5. Sell Handcrafted Goods:

    • Crafty individuals can create and sell DIY products like soap, candles, sauces, or pottery online.
    • Acknowledges the need for shipping and inventory management but suggests starting on a per-order basis.
  6. Dropshipping:

    • Describes dropshipping as a budget-friendly way to start a business without owning physical products.
    • Emphasizes the convenience of running the business from anywhere without the need for a physical warehouse.
  7. Event Planning:

    • Event planning is presented as a lucrative business in areas with a good number of restaurants, cafes, and malls.
    • Event planners collaborate with local venues, caterers, decorators, etc., charging management fees for organizing events.
  8. Estate Agent:

    • Becoming an estate agent is highlighted as an easy way to earn with zero investment.
    • Estate agents assist in property transactions, earning a fixed fee or percentage of the transaction cost.
  9. Reselling Products:

    • Reselling is recommended as a business option for entrepreneurs who don't want to create or manufacture products.
    • Entrepreneurs act as middlemen, obtaining merchandise at lower rates and earning a profit.
  10. Affiliate Marketing:

    • Explains affiliate marketing as a way to earn by referring customers to specific websites, using blog posts or social media.
    • Emphasizes the potential for earning through third-party product sales.
  11. Content Writing:

    • Content writing is portrayed as a highly valued skill, with opportunities to offer original content writing services.
    • Acknowledges the significance of well-crafted content in the digital world.

The final note encourages entrepreneurs to combine these business ideas in various ways, emphasizing the possibility of starting a low-investment business model without the hindrance of inventory-related commitments. This holistic approach allows testing ideas and gradually expanding into more complex business models.

List of top Business Ideas with zero or minimal capital investment (2024)


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