Modern staircase ideas and stairs design for home interiors (2024)

The staircase is one of the main parts of many buildings. You may have experience seeing or living in stylish and luxurious houses where the decoration of the stairs is limited to simple wallpaper or wall panels. Compared to the past, contemporary staircases are for more than just connecting the floors.
Today, they are considered a beautifying element in the design of the building. So in this article, we will share modern staircase ideas, including the interior stairs of a villa or apartment, like in the living room, spiral staircase designs, etc. This article deals with interior stairs design, and we will concentrate on the modern style more than the other styles, like the modern spiral staircase.

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Modern Staircase Architecture

Compared to other staircase styles, the advantage of modern staircases is that they are always popular and never become old, just like the modern interior design style. The first step toward having a modern and beautiful staircase is to be careful about its architecture.

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If you are building or renovating your home, you have many options for the stairs design. Still, you are only going to beautify the existing staircase. In that case, you can skip reading this section and go directly to the next section, "Modern staircase design elements."
Modern spiral stairs design is a famous example of modern staircase architecture.

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In the architectural design of the staircase, note that the wall design and stairs matter. Consider three main subjects while designing a staircase architecture: the staircase size, the materials of the whole structure, and the stair railing design.

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  • Size: Stairs design for a small house requires decorating the duplex house's staircase in a way that does not create a crowded view and a chaotic effect. To cleverly design stairs for small spaces, simple and modern materials and elements such as wall art or simple decorative items can be the best solution.
    Note that if you have a little space, use a clever modern staircase idea to create a place for putting things. For example, you can place drawers under the wood treads and put staff inside the drawers to make the most optimal use of the space.

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  • Material:Fortunately, the staircase is one of those parts of the house that leaves the designer's hand free to choose the material. For example, stair tiles and granite stairs design is among the most popular methods of making stairs. Various types of glass construction with load-bearing capabilities are also available, allowing you to use glass not only as a fence but as the main structure of stairs.
    Using wooden stairs design and wood treads in any possible way can create a warm and friendly effect in the home's interior design.
    Using metals in various forms can create a beautiful and different appearance in the staircase space. For example, steel stairs design is one of the best methods of using metals in constructing stairs. Metal stairs are one of the best options for designing small staircases in limited places due to their easy implementation and small dimensions.

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Modern Staircase Design Elements

Here are some elements and equipment to use around or on the stairs to achieve a luxe, modern, and unique staircase design.

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Carpet for Stairs

One of the oldest ways to design the stairs in the home interior is to use suitable carpets. This idea is also implemented for some of the exterior staircases of apartment houses today. Choosing a carpet with a proper size for the stairs is opt to you whether you like it to cover the whole stairs or only the central part. You can find the rug you want according to the size of the stairs of your home by visiting the rug and carpets page.

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If you want to use carpet on only some of the stairs, you can put the carpet just on the landing part. So that you can Create a footrest, it is meant to stand a little and relieve fatigue more pleasant by spreading a small Iranian rug, which is ultimately very beautiful.
Choosing carpets and rugs with mythological patterns or flowers will be ideal for this space. In this case, you will enjoy your short break every time you stand at the landing section of the staircase. Even though there are different prices today, stair runners are the best option if you can't afford a rug.

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Staircase Wall Design

One of the other staircase design methods is using different types of wallpaper with unique and beautiful designs that will attract the attention of many people. The variety and beauty in the types of wallpaper trends have made this design more popular for staircase design. Applying suitable wallpaper or a wall poster can play a significant role in decorating the house. An important point in choosing a poster or wallpaper is to pay attention to its pattern and color.

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These two factors can directly affect making the staircase look big or small. For example, it is better to choose wallpaper with bright colors and small designs to decorate the staircase with walls on both sides. Your staircase will be seen as a modern and unique focal point without drawing exaggerated attention. But in addition to wallpaper, we can use wall hangings to make the staircase wall more beautiful. You can design a gallery wall in your staircase area to make it excellent.

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Wall Rug: Wall carpets are always considered the most luxurious wall art decorations. The most significant advantage of carpets is that their use always stays in fashion. To use the carpet to design the walls, you can use both framed wall rugs or install the Aria rug on the wall using rug hangers for the wall.
Both wall carpets and area rugs have a wide variety of designs and colors so that you can use different types of them with many options according to other interior design elements of the rest of the home, especially the staircase.

Decorative Plates:Decorative plates are among the most beautiful wall decoration elements. The decorative plates have a low price and a great variety of sizes, colors, and patterns.
Wall plates with printed designs or wholly made and painted by artists can give a unique effect to the staircase of your modern home together or alone.

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Framed Art:A gallery wall is a creative idea that can fit any home decor style. Display a collection of framed black and white family photos for a vintage vibe, or create a lovely art gallery from a simple row of modern paintings. Art paintings or family photos are the best options to install on the staircase wall.

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To make the boards look unique, try to use the method of arranging them creatively. Some people install the boards one after the other and in the same direction. But some others, with some creativity, will put small and large paintings next to each other and create a great wall of Art. For example, you can install family portraits or photo frames of the same color on the wall in a line for the staircase design.
One of the ways to prevent damage to the staircase wall is to mark the place of the signs with cardboard and glue. In this way, you can first determine the arrangement of the signs with cardboard and glue, and after you find them OK, go to make holes in the staircase wall with nails. From the incredible world of framed wall art, we only explain two of them, Paintings and Calligraphy.

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  • Painting:Wall art paintings are beloved always and everywhere. In addition to beauty, a work of Art gives soul and prestige to your modern home; it doesn't matter how much money you spend on an artwork or how famous the artist is; the important thing is the spiritual and emotional effects of that painting on you and your home.
    One painting is enough if you use a large canvas wall art on the staircase. Still, if you like to have several works of Art on the wall, it is better to use them in different sizes, preferably small. CyrusCrafts' interior designers' advice for buying a unique artwork is to choose a Persian miniature painting this time and enjoy the distinction this artwork creates in your home compared to others.
  • Calligraphy: As an art of beautiful writing, calligraphy has received the attention and use of art-loving people for years. Calligraphy paintings and calligraphy drawings can make your home's modern style unique. Artistic and unique calligraphy can express your favorite sentence or poem and convey a message like love and friendship to your guests.

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Staircase Lighting Ideas

Correct lighting can be the most attractive and economical decoration of the house's stairs. You can also use various chandeliers on the wall next to the stairs as ceiling chandeliers. The stairs' lighting should be designed so that enough light is provided to illuminate the passage of users at all times of the day and night. Semi-dark and so-called coffee shop lighting, done to decorate and make the staircase look stylish, is strictly prohibited. It is necessary for people using the stairs to have full sight of this space all day long.

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In addition to chandeliers, you may attach wall lights to the staircase's wall to provide enough light for the stairs. Also, choosing a suitable wall light can magnify the effect of decorations on the staircase wall. Long chandeliers are an excellent decorative option for spiral staircase designs.

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Furniture for A Modern Staircase

Have you ever thought of unique and stylish furniture for under stairs area? One way to create distinction in the design of the staircase is to use furniture to decorate its various parts. This idea is more attractive when you place unique furniture and decorative items in the staircase area.

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The modern interior design style includes a specific use, such as a comfortable sofa, a TV set, or even a desk or a child's space for a part of the staircase structure. This section may be considered in the space under the stairs or landing.
Also, beautiful table decor items such as decorative bowls or unique table lamps will make your space pleasant. Having a standing lamp in the corner of the under-stairs design is also a smart option because these corners usually need light.

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Practical Use of the Staircase Space

The apartment's internal stairs are among the house's most usable parts. You can make use of the space by doing some easy tricks:

  • Most people go up or down the stairs before leaving the house; in other words, staircases are mostly at the grand entrance. Therefore, you can make practical use of the staircase space by installing a non-decorative mirror on the floor or wall so that people can check their appearance again before leaving the house.
  • By placing a decorative hanger, you can also prepare a space for hanging hats, coats, bags, or a shelf for putting boots, shoes, gloves, etc.
  • Installing a key holder to put keys and other essentials when leaving the house is a creative and attractive idea that is highly recommended.
  • You can also put wall shelves on the staircase. By making decorative shelves, you can use the wall of this space to put all kinds of books or other decorative items such as statues and decorative vases. You can do this design only for the staircase wall and its decoration, or it can continue to the lower part of the stairs.
  • Most homes' space under the stairs usually needs to be used practically. Still, you can turn it into a beautiful and efficient place for resting and meditation with little intelligence, creativity, and taste. Vases, decorative items, shelves, and small libraries are examples of simple things that can be used in the design of the space under the stairs to create a stylish decoration at home, especially in the living room.

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For more information about the creative use of the staircase's space or the other parts of the home, you can read the article "Creative Interior Design Ideas," which includes guidance to use creativity to design and make optimum use of your home's space.

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Hoping this blog post is helpful, we recommend paying attention to staircase safety regulations when choosing or implementing the ideas you read.

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Staircase Safety Regulations in Brief

The staircase is a space where improper use can cause many problems. A gorgeous but uncomfortable and inappropriate design for passers-by can ruin all the fun you have in mind from the attractiveness of space and become a permanent torment.

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Before choosing your desired design and idea, remember that safety and easy use precede any design and attractiveness. A staircase people cannot pass easily and quickly is undoubtedly unsuitable for residential or office spaces.
In addition, if the staircase ends up in the main bedroom or children's room, it is necessary to use ideas with a sense of security and safety more suitable for the staircase design. For instance, ideas like glass panels or metal fences could have more hazards.

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In the end, if you need any rug, furniture, wall art, or decorative accessories to decorate your staircase, you can find them on this website. To get CyrusCrafts' products to your door, you only need to fill out the order form and wait for our colleagues to deliver your orders quickly. The delivery time gets shorter if you live in Canada or the United States. Finally, by writing down a comment, please share any comments, suggestions, or questions about the staircase.

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Modern staircase ideas and stairs design for home interiors (2024)


What is the latest staircase trend? ›

Bringing the outdoors in is a timeless trend that continues to flourish in 2024. Staircase Trends adorned with nature-inspired elements such as botanical patterns on risers, vine-like balustrades, or even incorporating natural materials like reclaimed wood, showcase a harmonious blend of design and nature.

How do you make stairs look modern? ›

You can modernise an old staircase by adding bold or bright colours in the paint on the walls or the decor you choose to hang on them. You could opt for a stair runner or carpet with a bold design like neon edging.

What is the most efficient staircase design? ›

Straight Staircase: A straight staircase is the most common and traditional layout. It consists of a series of steps that lead directly to the upper floor, without any turns or landings. This layout is simple, easy to use, and requires minimal space. It is also the most economical option and the easiest to construct.

What is in style for stairs? ›

For the steps themselves, carpet and stone are popular traditional materials, while metal or floating wood steps are trendier options. The stair railings don't usually get much love, but really are the perfect opportunity to let your creativity flow.

What are the most popular stairs? ›

Straight stairs are stairs without any changes in direction. They are certainly one of the most common types of stairs found in both residential and commercial properties. Below are examples of straight floating stairs made with a variety of stringer styles, railing types, and wood species.

How can I make my stairs more appealing? ›

Try a one-of-a-kind handrail, an antique newel post or a gorgeous runner to add interest to your stairs
  1. Run wild with a runner. ...
  2. Show off a favorite color. ...
  3. Or add a rainbow of colors. ...
  4. Add a creative handrail. ...
  5. Add a newel post. ...
  6. Get creative with balusters. ...
  7. Create a posh path with lighting.
Mar 2, 2018

What is going in stair design? ›

Going – the going of a flight of stairs is the horizontal distance between the face of the first and last risers. The individual going of a step is measured from face of riser to face of riser and for domestic use should be a minimum of 220mm.

How to layout a living room with stairs? ›

To optimise space, a very common solution is to exploit the area under the steps to place cupboards or containers of various kinds. It is essential to choose them with the same finish and in the same colour as the staircase, to keep an even appearance of the room and create visual continuity.

What is the trend in stairs in 2024? ›

Mixed Materials for Texture and Contrast

Combining materials such as wood, glass, metal, and even stone can create a striking contrast, making the staircase a focal point. Wood treads paired with metal or glass railings, for example, contribute to a harmonious blend of warmth and modernity.

What are 3 factors to consider when designing a staircase? ›

10 factors to consider when designing a staircase
  • Space and location. Consider the amount of space you have available and where your new staircase will be located. ...
  • Staircase design. ...
  • Material for your new staircase. ...
  • Staircase styles. ...
  • Safety considerations. ...
  • Durability. ...
  • Staircase maintenance. ...
  • Cost of new staircase.
Mar 7, 2023

How do I choose a staircase design? ›

Be sure to consider the space available before choosing this style so that it does not overpower other features in your home's design.
  1. Consider the type of timber and finish for a classic look.
  2. Opt for ornate balusters or newel posts to add character.
  3. Choose curved, sweeping stairs for a grand entrance.
Jan 18, 2024

What color stairs go with GREY floors? ›

A grey wooden floor can be combined well with a black or white staircase with natural-colored oak steps. A white wooden floor can be combined well with stairs in almost any color.

What is the cheapest style of stairs? ›

Straight staircases have the most basic and straightforward design, involving a linear structure without curves or angles. Their simplicity reduces material and labor costs. You can also save on the cost of railings for stairs by choosing a simple design.

What is the going on a standard staircase? ›

For each going: minimum 215mm, maximum 355mm. The going shall be not greater than the tread depth (TD) plus a maximum gap of 30 mm between the rear edge of one tread and the nosing of the tread above.

What's new in staircases? ›

If you're looking for trendy staircase ideas for 2023, opt for mixed materials, which are having a major moment, Johnston says, referencing timber and steel in particular. “We recently incorporated a custom-designed steel railing in an architecture project for a showstopping staircase,” he says.

Are curved staircases out of style? ›

A modern curved staircase is a classic design that never goes out of style. Here is an example from our custom staircase designers.

Are stair treads out of style? ›

'Stair runners are most certainly still on trend,' says Ellie Mroz, founder of Ellie Mroz Design. 'Largely, they pair best with good quality wood staircases, and depending on the carpet selection (which is limitless), work with all different styles of interiors from traditional to modern.


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