Small Bathroom Designs: 14 Best Small Bathroom Ideas (2024)

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Create the illusion of a bigger bathroom. - by Olivia Hart

Renovating a small bathroom can be tricky. You don't want to compromise on style, but you also don’tto wind up with a space that feels cramped.

WATCH: Juliet Love renovates an 80s-style bathroom

Luckily, some simple renovation tips help create the illusion of space. Planning is essential for small bathrooms, from layout to floor plans to storage ideas.

Here are some top tips for maximising space with a small bathroom design.

1. Storage ideas

Mirrored cabinetsare a space saver when it comes to small bathrooms. Not only do they look great but the extra storage allows for clear benchtops and surfaces.

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2. Wall mounted taps

If possible, wall mounting your taps can save you a lot of space. "If you have a small vanity, opting for wall mounted taps will allow for a narrower sink, giving you a wider walkway so you can stand comfortably while brushing your teeth," says Wesley Sinclair fromHighgrove Bathrooms.Additionally,wall-hung basins are a great option as they can fit into small space and free up wall space.

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3. Use mirrors to your advantage

Installing a mirror, whether it’s floor to ceiling or wall to wall can make the room look bigger. As Wesley explains: "The right mirror can almost magically broaden the size of a room, regardless if no other alterations have been made - so don’t be afraid to expand the size of your mirror."

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4. Install a shower screen

Skip the shower door and install a frameless panel shower screen. Your bathroom will feel much more spacious with a new age look as well.

If you're worried about the floor getting wet, installing a dual-sided shower drain allows water to be efficiently drained from a larger area, preventing water buildup and reducing the risk of clogs.

Stormtech delivers the perfect bathroom drainage solution, featuring a dual-sided shower drain with glass screen support. Not only are they stylish and functional, but the award winning designs in a range of luxurious colours and finishes.

5. Use larger tiles

Larger tiles are key when it comes to creating the illusion of a bigger bathroom."By incorporating large tiles and patterns into a small bathroom, it tricks the eye into seeing extensive latitude," Wesley said. "With less grouting and lines to break up the visual, your bathroom will appear broader with a higher ceiling."


6. Decorate with light colours

White or neutral colours are best for a small bathroom. "Light coloured floor and walls always make a room seem larger than it actually is."If you don’t want to add colour, you can do so with your towels and other accessories.


7. Install ceiling lights

Probably the most underrated "trick" when trying to create the illusion of space. Wesley says, "Try flush mounted ceiling lights for the perception of greater space oraddlighting around the vanity to brighten up that area - a lighted mirror or tape lighting on cabinets and vanity tops will do the trick."

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8. Natural light

Increasing natural light in bathrooms with windows is a great way to open up a room. If you are looking for privacy opt for shutters over frosted glass.

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9. Shower and bath combo

Just because you have a small space it doesn't mean you should miss out on one of life's greatest luxuries: the bathtub. Look for a shower and bath combination to maximise space and add a touch of luxe.

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10. Round sinks

Ovals sinks are perfect for small bathrooms as they are softer than round sinks and gives you more counter space than a square sink.

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11. Sliding doors

Sliding doors are a must when it comes to any small space, when open they take up less space allowing extra space.


12. Ledges

Ledges are a great way to add in some extra storage without compromising on looks. Add a ledge below the sinkor above toilet with your daily essentials - soap, hand cream etc.) as it won't take up as much floor space.

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13. Function is key

In any small space, put function first. Stackable baskets not only look great but are also a greatway to store your spare linen and extra toilet paper.


14. Indoor plants

Add a splash of colour and life to your bathroom with an indoor plant or two, they help to purify the air and open up the space.Make sure you pick a plant that will be able to withstand the bathroom conditions.


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Small Bathroom Designs: 14 Best Small Bathroom Ideas (2024)


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